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Menzies Aviation employees need special leave without pay

14 September 2020 By the ASU the airlines union

The ASU is calling on Menzies Aviation to offer ‘Special Leave Without Pay’ to all employees affected by stand downs. This is special arrangement for employees who don’t want to work during the stand down, but also don’t want a redundancy. It freezes your employment, so you have certainty to find other work or care for your children in the knowledge you can come back to Menzies when flying resumes.

This is what SLWP would look like:

  1. An employee would make an agreement with Menzies that they would not to be recalled to work for a certain period of time. It would be completely voluntary.
  2. SLWP would count as service. This means employees would continue to accrue annual leave and other entitlements while on SLWP. The employee would not be entitled to take that leave until they have return from SLWP.
  3. An SLWP agreement would include clear rules applications to extend SLWP and rules about how an employee can be recalled to work if flying picks up again. This should balance the needs of both employees and the company.

We wrote to Menzies Aviation on Monday 14 September 2020 calling on them to take action and offer SWLOP to all employees. Members need a range of options to help them through this time. We need to make sure that employees who want to stay aren’t squeezed out because they can’t balance working for Menzies with other commitments. You can read the letter on our website here.

Pass this email to your colleagues who aren’t in the union. We need them with us now more than ever. They can join at

Speak to your organiser for more information. Download the full bulletin here. 

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