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dnata Catering announces redundancies

22 September 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

On Monday, 21 September the CEO of dnata Catering emailed employees to announce that the company had decided to make number of employees redundant.

The ASU met with dnata on Monday afternoon to start the consultation process.

Approximately 40 indirect/support roles and 40 manager/senior manager roles are affected by the decision.

Management’s preference is to call for volunteers for redundancy through a non-binding EOI process. Management would select those who would be made voluntarily redundant according to their identified skill and labour needs. However, management was not able to provide us the detail of the targeted redundancies in each port/functional group.

We have asked management to provide us that detail, so that members can understand what the company will look like in the future when making their decisions. This will also assist us to find job-swaps and other mitigation options (such as temporary part-time work). dnata has promised to provide us this information by the end of the week.

Once we have that detail, dnata will give members 10 days to express interest in voluntary redundancy using an online form. This EOI will be non-binding on both dnata and employees. Employees who make a non-binding EOI will be given their redundancy payout estimate and given the opportunity to make a Binding EOI for voluntary redundancy.

The EOI process for TWU members will start this week. dnata is moving quicker in these areas because the large number of employees in these areas means the VR process is simpler. The ASU will work closely with dnata to ensure ASU members have certainty about their future as soon as possible.

Speak to your organiser for more information (download the full bulletin here)

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