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NCR eba finalised and out for formal employee vote-ASU supports the new eba

16 October 2017 By ASU

The ASU and the Employee Bargaining Reps (EBR’s) reached an in principle agreement with NCR regarding a new eba in September.

The new eba is largely a status quo document with a 2.25%p.a wage increase. The first wage increase of 2.25% will be backdated till 1st September and then there are 2.25% wage increases in April 2018, April 2019 and April 2020.

This is a much better result than the company desired which was to have most of the employee’s wage increase based on a Pay for Performance principle, which would have meant that some employees may have ended up with a zero wage increase in any given year. The ASU vigorously opposed such a method of payment and ensured that the wage increase would apply universally and in the rate, so it counts for super and leave purposes.

The company has introduced a One Time Lump Sum Payment of $2,000 for the Top Tier (Top 10% of employees) and a $1,000 payment for the Middle Tier (the next 15% of employees). The ASU did not ask for this type of payment as we prefer the wage increase to apply to all employees and be included in the rate.

Nevertheless, we have achieved the proper type of wage increase while essentially preserving existing terms and conditions of employment, therefore we support the new eba.

The eba has now been distributed by NCR for employee consideration and then the formal vote takes place between the 22nd October and the 25th October 2017.

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