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Time to tell Jetstar to fix payroll and not offshore jobs

25 February 2013 By ASU

Payroll just doesn't seem to be getting any better at Jetstar. Errors are still occurring and while we know Jetstar is doing a review of their system – can we be confident that it will all be fixed?

Your ASU National delegates are due to meet Jetstar for our regular quarterly meeting in late March 2013 to get an update on how the payroll review is going.

Your delegates believe that we need to send a clear message to Jetstar that payroll must be fixed and fixed NOW.

What's the history?

When Jetstar started, the payroll function was done in house in Jetstar. A few years ago Jetstar decided to outsource and offshore this important job. As a result every Jetstar employee's private banking and work details were sent to the Philippines.

No one asked your permission – no one considered the privacy implications they just did it. The fact is Australia Privacy Laws do not apply if your personal data is offshored.

Payroll hasn't been the same since, mistakes abound – look what has happened in the last year – wrong group certificates, wrong bonuses, failure to pay pay rises – not to mention the ongoing errors in individual pay, and that is just in ASU areas. We know other groups have had similar problems and issues.

We are told that the outsourced provider brought the work back onshore in September 2012, but there are still errors occurring.

Jetstar won't rule out offshoring payroll again

When asked recently, Jetstar management would not rule out the possibility of the payroll function being offshored again – that would mean again your private information would be beyond the laws of Australia if anything went wrong – this is not good enough.

Your delegates believe it is time to tell Jetstar two things:

  1.  We do not want our personal payroll information offshored.
  2. It is time to bring the payroll function back in-house in Jetstar in Australia.

What can you do?

It is time for Jetstar staff to take a stand and send a clear message to Jetstar management while they are conducting the payroll review, that we want our information onshore and in-house.

So...the ASU has prepared a petition which can be signed by all staff, ground staff, pilots, flight attendants, Jetstar services everyone – because everyone is in the same situation.

The petition calls upon Jetstar to fix payroll, not offshore payroll data and personal information and to bring the work back in-house at Jetstar.

Jetstar will have to listen to these demands if staff express their views on this important issue – after all whose information and pay is it anyway?

Your ASU delegates will be collecting signatures over the next few weeks – if you can help make sure you volunteer.

Need more information

Please contact your local ASU Delegate or organiser at the ASU for further information. Download the Jetstar Bulletin #47 - 25 Feb 2013


Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400