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Jetstar payroll update

04 June 2013 By ASU, the airlines industry union

ASU delegates met with Jetstar management on 16th and 20th May 2013 to get an understanding of the findings from the Jetstar Payroll Improvement Project.

As we know there have been persistent issues with Jetstar payroll which ASU members and delegates have been highlighting over many years.

Jetstar has told us they have comprehensively reviewed the way in which payroll has operated for employees covered by the Jetstar/ASU Agreement 2011 going back a period of 6 years and they have found a range of errors. We did ask the company to go back further but they say the company is only legally obligated to go back 6 years. They also have told us they don't have records going back any longer, so couldn't do this anyway.

What has occurred?

There are many errors touching the calculation of annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, days in lieu and public holiday penalties. The errors are not the same in every airport or in head office.

Some people have been over-credited leave, others have not received all the leave earned and some people owe the company money as public holiday penalties were calculated incorrectly.

ASU delegates and officials have only seen high level numbers of what has occurred not the results for each individual but looking at the number of staff involved it looks to us like most current staff under our agreement will be affected in some way.

What's next?

Shortly, affected staff will receive letters from Jetstar about the overpayment of public holiday leave and the under-crediting and over-crediting of long service leave, annual leave, days in lieu and sick leave. The company is still working on the sick leave calculations for some people and this will be noted in the letter of those staff who are so affected. This will be finalised in coming weeks.

As far as we can see a lot of people will be getting more leave re-credited but there are still those who Jetstar says owe money and will lose various amounts of leave.

What should you do?

After you get your letter you are within your rights to ask Jetstar to explain exactly how they made the calculations in your case – we particularly urge staff who are told they owe the company money or leave to seek confirmation about how this is calculated. You should ask the company not to process any leave changes until you get this information – make sure you do this in writing.

In order to recover any money Jetstar needs your agreement to the sum calculated and the repayment frequency and method. Jetstar cannot just take money out of your pay. The company will give you repayment options but if they do not suit you – do not agree. If there is any positive out of this situation the ASU was able to convince the company to waive the first $300 owed for every staff member they say owes money.

This has meant a number of staff who would have owed Jetstar money no longer do.

ASU assistance

If you are an ASU member and you want assistance with dealing with the company over your individual payroll issues – contact your local ASU delegate/organiser for assistance. How each member is affected is likely to be different so bear that in mind when discussing the issues with your ASU rep.

Not a member of the ASU?

If you are not a member of the ASU now is the time to join

If you have any queries please contact your local ASU delegate or organiser [download the full bulletin below for contact details].


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