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Jetstar OOL delegates stand firm on safety issues

16 November 2018 By ASU, the airlines industry union

Members at OOL recently made a decision to take action to remain safe at work. Their ABD's were failing every 2-3 passengers, and this was causing stress and ground rage from passengers to Jetstar Members.

So, members got organised, they set out with a goal of having 100% of union members sign an Oscar form - also known as a workplace health and safety form.

When they were close to having 100% return of the forms, they called a union meeting and evoked their rights under the Queensland Health and Safety Legislation. They made the tough decision about ceasing the use of ABD's until they were safe to use for all union members.

Union members, through their union office then, wrote to Daniel Brenan and explained their decision and their concerns.

Within 24 hours, OOL union delegates had a meeting with the decision makers in their port. ASU members taking one piece of unified action had made waves and had brought Jetstar and the decision makers to the table.

What happened next only occurred because of the fortitude and strength of union members, members had 4 solutions to fix the safety issues:

  1. Close the ABD's
  2. Restore the Checking Desks
  3. Fix the issues
  4. Work with the ASU to find a long term solution.

After deciding to take action, forcing Jetstar to meet and holding their ground - Union members won absolutely everything they were seeking.

But the best part is that Staff at OOL are now safer, happier and their union is stronger because of the actions of ASU members.


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