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ASU Jetstar update on continuation of minimal flying Featured

22 May 2020 By the airlines industry union

ASU delegates and Organisers met with Jetstar ahead of their plans to communicate the continuation of flying schedules and a minimum viable network up to 3 July 2020.

The ASU took the opportunity to raise ongoing concerns with the administration of JobKeeper payments over the 1st three fortnights of Stand Down.

Jetstar have confirmed that employees working at ports where there is no flying would receive Stand Down letters extending the period to 3 July 2020. Other ports will continue to receive letters on a fortnightly basis unless they are otherwise notified they are required for a 2 week roster between now and 3 July 2020.

Any change to the current arrangements will be dependent upon a number of other factors including:

  • Progress of discussions with the federal government about extending the current guarantees for flying a minimum viable network;
  • Relaxation of emergency restrictions and opening of state borders; and
  • Increase in flight demand from customers.

Stand ups and leave without pay issue

The ASU recognises that flying a minimum viable network means that CNS port is not as busy as flying between the capital cities.

Jetstar is not able to offer CNS front of house staff more than four 4 hour shifts a fortnight to cover 2 flights a week - This makes the requirement to stand up unique in comparison to other ports.

The ASU believes the Company should not punish its employees who have found alternative employment to supplement their JobKeeper payments and maintain income more comparable to what they would have depended on before the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our CNS delegate we met with management to discuss a way forward so that employees who do not want to be stood up are not impacted by the policy to place those employees on a 28-day leave without pay arrangement - this policy unfairly requires CNS employees to choose between maintaining incomes now or losing leave accruals they would benefit from later.

We expect to hear from Jetstar by the end of the week.

The ASU is considering all your legal options to resolve JobKeeper concerns

The ASU has put the company on notice about the JobKeeper payment guarantee.

100% of JobKeeper funds received from government are to be passed on to employees. As an employer who signed up for the scheme, Jetstar have accepted taxpayer funds and potentially retained some of those funds.

The ASU has said that between 30 March and 10 May 2020, the JobKeeper payment guarantee means that every Jetstar employee eligible for JobKeeper should have received payments totalling a minimum of $4,500 before tax.

If payments made to you by Jetstar between 30 March and 10 May 2020 do not total $4,500 before tax you should raise a payroll query.

Continue to raise ALL issues with payroll and copy in your local ASU organiser.

If you are not a member of the ASU now is the time to join --- Download full bulletin here.

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