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JTG Management told “we are worth more”

11 February 2013 By ASU

Your ASU JTG National Negotiating Team met with JTG Management on Monday 4th February 2013 to respond to the "offer" that the company has made to settle the JTG Services EBA.

ASU members will remember that JTG made an offer in December 2012 and during January 2013 we held membership meetings so we could formulate our response.

ASU members reject offer

ASU member resoundingly told us that they wanted the NNT to reject the offer as they believe we are worth more. So that is what we told the company on Monday. We told them we want an improved offer.

We have said we want:

  1. Wider/higher pay bands at each grade level in the agreement
  2. Increments in each pay band and transparency as to how staff move through the rates in the band
  3. A better pay deal – the bonus scheme is too low and will have limited application – our preference is for base rate pay rises.
  4. No extension to the span of hours – there is no compensation for this in the proposal and existing employees do not want this
  5. No change to the meal breaks clause – i.e. no option to work up to 6 hours before a break

We expressed your significant disappointment that the company did not address our requests for RDOs or at least extra personal leave days. We also told the company that threatening our back pay if we don't take their first offer has made our members very angry.

What the company said

The JTG management reps said they would take our concerns back to the JTG senior management and board which is meeting on 26th February 2013.

Their reps formally "rejected" our suggestions but will come back to us on 27th February to provide us with the response from the Board.

What next?

Your NNT and union organisers will be holding meetings and further discussions locally with members about our next steps while we wait for the JTG response. Make sure you participate.

Want more information?

For more information contact your delegate or ASU organiser - download the full bulletin below for contact details.

icon JTG Bulletin - 8 February 2013

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400