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An offer we can recommend at JTG

07 March 2013 By ASU, the travel industry union

Your ASU JTG National Negotiating Team (NNT) are pleased to advise that JTG management have now come back to us with an offer we can recommend to ASU members. This offer will be considered by members at meetings convened to determine whether ASU members accept the NNT's recommendation.

In December 2012 and January 2013 members resoundingly rejected management's proposal saying we deserve a better deal.

We are pleased to report that management got your message and the new offer contains:

  • Wider/higher pay bands at each grade/level of the agreement
  • A better pay deal – scrapping of the discretionary bonus and a total 10% pay rise on base salary over 3 years payable as follows:
    • 3% - 30/4/12
    • 4% - 30/4/13
    • 3% - 30/4/14
  • No extension of the span of hours
  • No change to the meal breaks clause
  • A description of how and when staff will be assessed to move through the pay bands

A more detailed copy of the offer will be available at meetings of ASU members at JTG, and on the back of this bulletin there is a summary of the offer against our claims.

What next?

If the meetings of ASU members endorse the NNT recommendations then a full copy of the proposed agreement will go out for consideration and vote by all staff covered by the JTG agreement.

The vote will be conducted electronically by an outside organisation. If 50% plus one of those who vote, vote in favour of the agreement it can then be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval and registration.

After the agreement is registered the company will then pay back pay from 30th April 2012 (3%), and all rates will increase by this pay increase and then will increase again by 4% on 30 April 2013.

Have you a question?

Make sure you attend an ASU member's meeting to get the full details of the offer.

If you are not already an ASU member you can join online at

A big thank you to JTG NNT

It is clear we would not have got this far in the EBA negotiations without the outstanding commitment of the ASU's NNT both the current and former members.

We owe them a big thank you!

Our current team is:

[Download the full bulletin below to see the table]

Who you can contact

If you have queries contact your local ASU organiser:

[Download the full bulletin below to see the table]


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Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400