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Qantas Holidays - Company tables EBA claims

17 June 2013 By ASU

Your ASU Qantas Holidays National Negotiating Team (NNT) met in Sydney on 12th June 2013 to continue the negotiations for our next Qantas Holiday EBA.

Your NNT has already provided the company with our claims and at this meeting we tabled some detailed claims explaining more specifically what we are seeking.

We tabled the following claims:

  • Claim 3 – Filling vacant roles/lines
  • Claim 8 – improve access to long service leave
  • Claim 10 – Family violence leave
  • Claim 11 – Increase bereavement leave
  • Claim 12 – Ability to by annual leave
  • Claim 13 – Introduce transition to retirement
  • Claim 16 – RDOs for SPs
  • Claim 18 – 5% p.a. pay rise
  • Claim 19 – Increase in allowances
  • Claim 20 – Increase superannuation to 15%

Copies of the detailed claims are available from your local ASU delegate or organiser. We intend to table the remaining claims at our next meeting.

Company claims

Qantas Holidays management also tabled a outline of the key issues they want to change in this EBA and these are as follow:

  • Ensure EBA wording is clear and remove duplication in clauses
  • Introduce minimum time for overtime claim with any time worked under the minimum requirement to be managed as time in lieu by management
  • Recognise Qantas Group Policies as per side letter to EBA 1 at current policy provision
  • Automatic cash out of 20th day accrual in excess of 2 days in final June pay run
  • Automatic payout of 20th day when converting from full time to part time
  • Provide Senior Professional terms and conditions to secondments where employees are seconded from a level 1-9 position to a Senior Professional position
  • Introduce accrual of personal leave each pay period. For part time employees personal leave to be accrued in accordance with hours worked in that pay period
  • Remove cheque as a method of payment (clause 28.2)
  • Remove of day in lieu when a shift worker is rostered off on a public holiday

Your NNT did not respond – we are considering what recommendation we will make to members about the issues raised. If you have thoughts or ideas about the company claims contact your local organiser or NNT member.

Next meeting

The next meeting with the company is to be held on 2nd July 2013.

Want more information?

Contact your local ASU local Organiser [download the full bulletin for details].


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