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JTG EBA endorsed again – now back to the Commission

23 July 2013 By ASU

JTG staff have again voted overwhelmingly to endorse the ASU EBA deal negotiated and recommended by the ASU's JTG National Negotiating Team. The external company conducting the ballot, Elections Australia Pty Ltd has declared that the JTG Services Pty Ltd Agreement 2013 has been approved by the majority of staff who voted. 92.44% of staff who voted in the ballot, voted in favour of the Agreement.

What next?

JTG and the ASU will shortly lodge the paperwork with the Fair Work Commission. Once the Fair Work Commission approves the agreement the EBA commences. As we know there were technical issues when the company lodged the EBA before but we are hopeful that these issues have now been rectified and we hope there will be a very quick consideration of the new agreement

When do I get my backpay?

As we know as a sign of good faith the company has already paid back pay from 30th April 2012 and also increased salaries in line with the EBA from July 2013. So all that is outstanding is the back pay from the first pay period on or after 30th April 2013 to the recent pay rise. Once the EBA has been approved by the Fair Work Commission, the JTG will make this back pay payment. Also the new conditions in the EBA will also begin to operate when the Fair Work Commission approves the EBA.

A big thank you to JTG NNT

Once again a big thank you must go to our ASU National Negotiating Team who worked hard with members to secure the best deal possible.

Who you can contact

If you have any questions about the EBA or the back pay contact your local ASU Organiser [download the full bulletin below for details].


icon JTG Bulletin - 23 July 2013

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400