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The ball is in the company’s court at Qantas Holidays

15 August 2013 By ASU, your union in the travel industry

Your ASU Qantas Holidays National Negotiating Team met with the company representatives in Melbourne on 8 August 2013. On top of our list was discussing the feedback we had from the membership meetings that had already been held.

What did we discuss?

We have told the company that members will not agree to their claims to:

  • Introduce a minimum time for overtime
  • Provide an automatic cashout of 20th days to all staff
  • Change the personal leave accrual
  • Remove days in lieu accrual for shift workers.

We have indicated that we can agree to:

  • Payment by cheque for wages
  • Confirming Qantas policies are those as at EBA 1
  • 20th day automatic cashout for new staff converting from full time to part time.

We also continued to discuss our claims that the company had rejected We focused on:

  • Ensuring realistic KPIs are set (claim 5)
  • Improved access to annual leave (claim 9)
  • SPGs – review of salary progression (claim 17)
  • Increase in superannuation (claim 20)
  • Our pay increase (claim 18).

The company has not moved on any of these claims so far and their reps said they were going back to discuss the issues we raised internally.

The company did also table a clause about the purchase of additional annual leave (claim 12) which we are considering.

Download the full bulletin below to see a table of Qantas Holidays responses to ASU claims as at 8 August 2013.

What next?

Our next meeting is scheduled for 18th September 2013, by which time we hope that the company has a position on what we put.

Want more information?

Contact your local ASU local Organiser (download the full bulletin below for details).


icon Qantas Holidays Bulletin - 14 August 2013

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400