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Negotiations for a new agreement kick off at helloworld

10 June 2015 By ASU

On Wednesday 3 June 2015 your ASU representatives met with helloworld representatives to kick of negotiations for your new enterprise agreement.

We presented management with the ASU log of claims – the document setting out the improvements we want to your current working conditions. In particular we told management that ASU members at helloworld wanted:

  • Pay that is fair, transparent and reflective of industry standards;
  • Annual pay increases to keep up with the cost of living;
  • A fair way to set KPIs to make sure they are achievable and realistic;
  • Increase paid parental leave, and better assistance to parents returning to work from parental leave;
  • Fairer provisions for dealing with unplanned overtime due to inbound calls at the end of a shift.

Please ask your workplace delegate or ASU organiser (details below) if you would like a copy of the whole log of claims.

Next Meeting

A further meeting will take place in Melbourne on Thursday 18 June. We expect that management will respond to some of our claims. We will provide you with an update after that meeting.

Meet your negotiating team

ASU members will be represented in these negotiations by a number of workplace ASU representatives:

  • Bree Hollis – Sales, Sydney
  • Morgan Phillips – Europe team, Melbourne
  • Kathleen Wilson – QBT, Sydney

Management will be represented in negotiations by an external consultant and HR.

If you have any questions please contact one of your workplace delegates, or your local organiser.

Time to join the ASU

The ASU only provides information to, and represents, ASU members in negotiations. To have a say in the improvements we advocate for, and the decisions we make, you need to be an ASU member. Please pass this on to your colleagues and invite them to join the ASU online by visiting

download the full bulletin below for details - icon Helloworld Bulletin - 150610

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400