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The future of child care is in local government

16 November 2012 By ASU

In 2012, the ASU participated in the Federal Government round table on child care and advocated recognition of ASU early childhood educators. The ASU stands with other unions in calling for better professional wages and adequate funding from the Federal Government.

Recently, the ASU Child Care Survey was finalised concerning member issues across three states where local government child care provision is strong.

On balance, it is clear members know that early childhood educators need professional and equitable wages and working conditions to provide quality services. Local government child care has some of the best rates and conditions in the country.

"Public sector early childhood education and care, such as the long standing provision of local government child care centres, are a vital contribution to the development of our children and an essential support for working families. Council-run centres offer significantly better wages and conditions for staff, and a high quality of early childhood education," said Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary.


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Name: Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary
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