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ASU calls for the Federal Government to get on with the job for child care

12 February 2015 By ASU

Over the past 12 months child care services have received more attacks and delays by the Federal Government, be it via the changes to family day care or Tony Abbott's statements on the need to talk more on child care services.

kidsclock"It's now time to stop talking and act to support local government child care services and bring more services back to communities to help families, mums return to work as well as public child care services delivered by local government, " said Greg McLean , ASU Assistant National Secretary.

As the key union in public sector child care delivered by local government, the ASU has been a strong advocate of increased funding, greater recognition of child care as part of early childhood education and development, and child care affordability to improve workforce participation of carers returning to their careers after parental leave.

"Until the issue of affordability and high quality care is properly addressed, alongside paid parental leave, returning skills to the workplace (via working parents) and family incomes, all these closely related issues remain disconnected," said Greg McLean.

The ASU has advocated for members, their families and child care users in Senate inquiries, the recent Productivity Commission Inquiry and all other investigations into the issues.

Through this work the ASU knows that it's time to act, not have another inquiry or more consultation. The industry parties, including the ASU, need to come together to roll out an action plan.

The ASU is also calling on more local government councils to take up child care services for their communities and use or remodel council community facilities to provide child care services, along with training new staff for the future as demand increases for these important services.

Greg McLean said, "Those that use council child care services and those that work in local government child care services, know it's a great place to work or have your child cared for and to help grow social and educational skills."

"Local government has been the longest provider of formal child care, stretching back to the 1930s, as well as being part of the industry development and setting the benchmarks.

"One other great thing about local government child care services is there is no profit syphoned off as is the case in some private business models."

"For the good of local communities, more councils need to and should take on child care services," concluded Greg McLean.

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Name: Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 0419 796 801