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ASU supports ALGA call for Fed Govt to restore grants to local govt

16 June 2015 By ASU

Greg McLean, National Head of the ASU Local Government and Public Services Team, has supported the call by the Australian Local Government Association to restore federal government Financial Assistance Grants to local government.  He stated that “the grants should be restored, so as not to deprive communities of crucial local infrastructure and services such as parks, swimming pools, libraries, community amenities, recreation and cultural facilities”.


The ASU has been a long standing campaigner of adequate funding for local government and its communities. Over many years the ASU has stated that local government depends upon long term committed funding, from federal and state governments in addition to the importance of having its own ability to raise funds through local rates. 


Mr McLean stressed that “adequate funding is needed in order to maintain services and infrastructure. As our standards of living rise, it does not make sense to cut back funding on much needed community services or road funding.  Reductions can be detrimental to the wellbeing of families as well as harming business confidence.   It makes no sense to cut back on local government when it has such a critical role to play in the economic growth of the nation”

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Name: Greg McLean
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