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New report says vital early childhood education needs more funding

07 July 2015 By ASU

The ASU has welcomed the release of a new Australian report which confirms the need for increased support for early childhood education. The findings of the McKell Institute report are broadly consistent with the views put forward by the ASU in a recent Productivity Commission Inquiry into early childhood education.

mckell-report-baby-steps-giant-strides07-2015"The ASU continues to draw attention to the important role played by local government workers in early childhood education and care (ECEC)," said ASU Assistant National Secretary Greg McLean.

"The Union is also concerned about the lack of recognition by the Federal Government with regard to the important skills and qualifications of ECEC workers."

"The Union is therefore appalled at the inadequate funding from the Federal Government which fails to provide adequate support for early childhood development," Greg McLean went on to say.

To the ASU, it makes sense to utilize the existing staff who are employed in local government child care centres as well as recognising the support which local government provides to other ECEC services. Qualified workers should be appropriately remunerated and the Federal Government has an important role to play in ensuring that funding is adequate.

The McKell Institute ground breaking report titled 'Baby Steps or Giant Strides', was authored by Professor Deb Brennan of the UNSW Social Policy Research Centre and Elizabeth Adamson PhD who is a Research Associate at the Social Policy Research Centre.

Professor Brennan argues that investing heavily in early childhood education and childcare is vital for Australia to prosper in the 21st century. Her report also found that we are severely lagging behind compared to the rest of the world, and that the Abbott Government's package is inadequate.

Further information

Full report here: Baby Steps or Giant Strides

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ASU Submission Response to the Productivity Commission's Draft Report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning 2014

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