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Union response to ALP child care announcement

07 June 2016 By ACTU & ASU

The ACTU and ASU welcome the Labor Party’s commitment to the proper and timely funding for early childhood education and for early childhood educators in this country. Affordable and accessible early childhood education and care helps ensure that all children get the best start in life.

childcare istock 000014810826xsmallThis package recognises the great importance of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce, who provide the high quality education and care that is key to our children’s future success.

The ACTU also welcomes the proposal’s recognition of the value of these workers through its commitment to support higher wages and better conditions for these workers through the Fair Work Commission.

Access to professional development and training is another key to ensuring early childhood educators are able to deliver high quality care.

The proposal’s moves to restore the Coalition Government’s cuts to the Professional Support Program and introduce a $150m Educator Professional Development Program are significant positive steps to address this issue.

The ACTU also welcomes the ALP’s commitment to develop a workforce strategy for the sector.

This policy release shows that the ALP are committed to ensuring more Australian children have access to early childhood education and that the educators working in the sector are fairly remunerated.

 ASU welcomes recognition of ECEC importance

“As the key union representing early childhood educators in local government, the ASU also welcomes the ALP’s announcement,” said ASU Acting Assistant National Secretary Robert Potter.

“The pre-school environment for our children is critical in laying the foundations for future schooling and beneficial for kids’ integration in our communities, research has shown, so any policy that recognises the professional and important nature of early childhood education and care with a real workforce strategy is welcome by our Union.”

“Making this quality care both affordable and accessible is an important part of the jigsaw in providing opportunities for higher workforce participation, which benefits our economy as a whole, as well as ensuring parents are best able to meet their family’s needs,” said Mr Potter.


ACTU media contact: Peter Green 0400 764 200 (ASU contact below)

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Name: Robert Potter, Acting Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 02 9283 9280