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Negotiations stall at Singapore Airlines as management hits the road

15 February 2013 By ASU, the airlines industry union

On Wednesday, 13 February 2013, negotiations for your new agreement reached a standstill. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of your union and the employee representatives to progress negotiations, the management negotiating team would not budge from their position of 2.5% a year for a two year agreement, instead preferring to launch another round of road shows to sell their offer.

The log of claims now: (download the full bulletin below to see the log of claims).

The ASU is working with the employee negotiating team (ENT) to get the best possible outcome for all employees. The ASU log and the ENT log share a number of common claims reflecting the terms and conditions that employees want to have in their next Agreement.

The Next Steps

Singapore Management declined to set a date for the next negotiations, instead management intends to spend March, visiting each port to sell their offer. This is your chance to directly respond to management and tell them the offer is not good enough and does not recognise the work you do. It seems likely the EBA will be issued for a vote shortly after the road show so you need to make it clear to management that their offer is not good enough and send them back to the table to negotiate a fair agreement.

The reduction in the 1% differential over the superannuation guarantee change that management is proposing as superannuation rises to 10% superannuation is just unfair. The fact is that other airlines offer 9% currently, but when they increase superannuation to 10% as the new laws come into force your Singapore Airlines pay deal will be worse in comparison to other international carriers.

Who to Contact

Your local organiser will be visiting your port during the week beginning Monday 25 February 2013. Their contact details are: (please download the full bulletin for contact details)

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Contact Details
Name: Justin Cooney
Telephone: 03 9342 1446