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Why you should vote NO at Singapore

24 May 2013 By ASU, the airlines industry union

The ASU is recommending a NO vote for management's proposed new agreement in the voting that starts on Friday.

The base rate of pay increases of 2.9% x 2.9% are the only guaranteed increases to everyone's salary. The performance merit increases (available only to employees who have not reached their salary cap) are potential increases dependent on your appraisal rating; if you get an appraisal rating below the national average you may not be eligible for the merit increases.

Voting yes to management's proposed new agreement will also mean potentially losing for good the 1% extra for superannuation that Singapore employees have worked hard to secure over many years.

There is widespread concern at the erosion of the 1% extra for superannuation as compulsory superannuation increases to 9.25% and then 9.5% over the life of the proposed Agreement.

Along with the unsatisfactory pay offer from management the loss of the additional 1% is a backwards move for Singapore employees when comparing overall pay with employees of other overseas carriers. The 1% additional payment superannuation payment will drop to 0.75% in mid-2013, with a further decrease to 0.50% in mid-2014.

Your ASU bargaining reps have been advised by management that they are happy with the pay rise they have offered and believe that further negotiations would be futile.

The ASU believes that further negotiations are necessary to secure your conditions and have put this request to management. A strong NO Vote will send a very clear message to management about what you think of their offer. It will clearly show them how serious ASU members are.

What can you do now?

  1. Vote No.
  2. Get talking, let everyone know that you will be voting no and why.
  3. Join the ASU. Show your colleagues how much you support them. It's easy to join. Talk to your workplace delegate, or contact your state organiser (see below).

What will a NO vote mean?

It means pay increases can still be paid at a future date when agreement is reached on satisfactory amounts. The ASU will negotiate further with management to reach a better outcome for members. Threats to take away your increases are unfortunately a common ploy by some employers to pressure staff into voting yes.

What will happen to back pay after a NO Vote?

A NO vote does not mean that back pay cannot be negotiated, back pay can be revisited in future bargaining.

The ASU believes Singapore should improve their offer. A NO vote is the only way to make sure Singapore Airlines put their best offer on the table.

ASU State Contacts

The ASU has the resources and expertise to get a better agreement. If you're not already a member, show Singapore management that you're serious about fair pay and keeping hard-won conditions by joining the ASU today.

If you want more information contact your local ASU delegate or organiser [download the full bulletin below to find your contact].


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