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Bargaining continues at Malaysia Airlines

26 May 2017 By ASU

Your ASU Bargaining Representatives met with MAB executives Sarah King and Nor Azuan Ismail on Tuesday 23 May 2017 to hear MAB’s latest response to your ASU log of claims.

The MAB response is an improvement on their previous position but it still falls far short of members’ claims. Members have had to carry the burden of MAB’s redundancies and restructure over the last two years, the increased workloads must be recognised with a fair increase to wage rates.

MAB’s counter claim is:

  • 3.5% across the board annual increase to wages;
  • Two weeks of maternity leave on full pay (on top of the Paid Parental Leave Scheme the government provides); and
  • Educational assistance of $200 per training course.

 The ASU claims that MAB are still considering are:

  • Triple time payment but only for Christmas Day and Good Friday;
  • Superannuation paid on Redundancy and Notice in Lieu payments; and
  • One year to utilise annual privilege ticket after a redundancy (but not included as an EBA condition).

MAB have rejected the ASU’s claims for:

  • $500 cash bonus (recognition of long service in excess of 10 years, and $250 for every 5 years after that);
  • Overtime for working more than 2 hours, payment of a meal allowance without providing a receipt, and a Cabcharge voucher to travel home, for day workers;
  • 10 days carers leave for immediate family, annually, separate to the entitlement to sick leave each year);
  • 5 days compassionate or bereavement leave, for immediate family, on each occasion, 1 day per year for immediate family;
  • Option of 50% MAB subsidised corporate medical insurance for employees and their family, if applicable, to be deducted from salary;
  • Introduction of a ‘wellness’ program - $350 for each employee, per year, for health activities e.g. gym membership, tai chi, yoga;
  • Payment of long term disability allowance;
  • Education assistance of $350, for courses not offered by MH Academy;
  • $55 per month, first aid allowance payable to recognised first aid staff members; and
  • Retirement benefits after 10 years of continuous service- travel on Zed fares, for life.

Other ASU Claims

The ASU will provide MAB with material that these three claims are dealt with either in the Airlines Award or by legislation;

  • Employee choice of encashment of annual leave balance or rollover of annual leave balance, at the end of every year;
  • 2 paid training sessions per year, at MH Academy, for each staff member; and
  • Family and domestic violence leave clause – insertion of ACTU model clause.

Where to from here?

The ASU believes that the 3.5% wage offer needs to be improved and there needs to be financial recognition for loyal employees. The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7 June 2017.

Got any questions?

Contact your Organiser listed below and let us know what you think of the MAS response? Download the full bulletin below for contact details:

icon Malaysia Airlines Bulletin, 26 May 2017

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400