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Bargaining continues at Singapore Airlines

28 March 2017 By ASU

As members would be aware, the ASU has been involved in bargaining with Singapore Airlines management and the Enterprise Negotiation Team (‘the ENT’), for the new Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU has provided SIA with its log of claims, and advocated on behalf of its membership to maintain, or else improve, conditions within the new Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU log of claims

The log of claims is as follows:

An ASU Enterprise Agreement to retain and maintain all existing conditions excluding prohibited content.

  • All existing full time and Part Time employment conditions to be retained.


  • Wage increases of 4% per year, or CPI, whichever is the greater;
  • Recognition of employees at maximum pay level of band;
  • Review of KPI’s to make them fairer;
  • An increase to superannuation contributions paid by the employer
  • An increase to redundancy entitlements


  • Improve access to annual leave and long service leave.


  • Improve avenues to raise workplace health and safety concerns (including uniform issues relating to climatic conditions)
  • Better access to job share arrangements
  • Include the ACTU model clause on domestic violence leave – 20 paid days per year
  • Any other such claim that may arise during the course of bargaining

The company’s log of claims and response

We were advised today 28 March 2017 that the company has scheduled a teleconference for 11am on 30 March 2017. During this teleconference, we expect to be informed of the company’s response to our claims. SIA has previously indicated to the ASU and ENT that it seeks the following items in its log of claims;

  • Introduce a 3 year agreement with a wage increase of 2.3% and allowance increase, per year of the 3 year agreement, plus an additional 1% to staff at top of band.
  • Delete current EBA clause 19.6 and amend clause 19.3.3 (d) and (e) – increase shift penalty from 15% to 17% and evening shift penalty from 22.5% to 25%.

The ASU’s position

The ASU has sought the views of our membership in regard to the wage increase outlined by SIA, and has resisted agreement to the proposed deletion of clause 19.6, and amendment to clause 19.3.3 (d) and (e). This is because the ASU will not support any reduction in the wages or conditions of SIA employees.

Member feedback

The ASU has received feedback from our membership that they wish to vote on the draft Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions put forward by Singapore Airlines. To this end, the ASU encourages members to very carefully consider the impact that the removal of the current clause 19.6 will have upon them. Further, the ASU encourages members to consider the impact that the amendment of clause 19.3.3 (d) and (e) will have upon them.

Next steps

The ASU will engage in further bargaining with the company and the ENT on 30 March 2017 in order to reiterate its claims, and to ensure that wages and conditions are maintained, and wherever possible, improved.

Views from members are being sought – share with us your views!!

Please contact your Organiser to provide your feedback on the proposals from SIA.

If you want more information contact your local ASU local organiser. Download the full bulletin below for contact details.

icon Singapore Airlines Bulletin, 28 March 2017

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400