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Emirates want everything for nothing

11 April 2017 By ASU

Yesterday, Emirates put a slightly revised proposal to Unions and bargaining representatives. The proposal that Emirates put forward is still designed to remove terms and conditions and offer nothing in return. The business is trying to scare people into accepting an inferior agreement by threatening shift workers.

Emirates want you to accept:

  • The removal of this years’ merit based payment.
  • The removal of this years’ profit bonus.
  • A pay freeze.
  • 0% increase for 2017.
  • A measly 1% pay increase in January 2018 and 2019.
  • Halving of the merit-pot for future years.
  • Selling out future employees’ long service leave and annual leave loading.
  • No pay increases for people at the end of the band, just a lump sum payment equivalent to 1% paid as a bonus – which means it doesn’t include a superannuation element and won’t improve annual leave loadings.

In addition, the company has refused to accept almost all claims put forward by the workforce. Even redundancy entitlements would remain below par when compared with the rest of the Airlines industry.

Emirates uses scare tactics

The company has threatened to take the 5th week of annual leave off shift workers if you don’t accept the appalling EBA that they have offered.

Can Emirates take away my 5th week of annual leave as a shift worker? NO! Not unless you agree to have it taken away by agreeing to a new EBA that removes it. You’re current EBA still has the 5th week of leave included and this cannot be taken off you unless you agree to a replacement EBA.

Emirates taken hard line throughout negotiations

All the way through bargaining Emirates has taken a hard-line on all proposals put forward by employee representatives. They have shown complete reluctance to even incorporate non-monetary improvements to working conditions. The approach has greatly concerned Unions and individual bargaining representatives who have made the case for a number of improvements over 8 meetings with management.

It is nothing short of an insult to staff that the Australian enterprise has been keeping the global group above water but that is not good enough for Emirates to reward staff for their hard work.

The ASU, ALAEA and bargaining representatives cannot jointly recommend that staff reduce their conditions and accept a proposal that will not equitably maintain all employees above the modern award at the same rates they have achieved in previous negotiations. We have asked Emirates to reconsider their position and come back to the bargaining table with a fair and reasonable offer that includes a form of monetary compensation for 2017, a relevant fixed rate pay increases for 2018 and 2019, and maintenance of the current merit-pot entitlements.

The employee representatives remain committed to bargaining in good faith for a decent EBA proposal. Should Emirates put their current proposal out to a vote, your representatives unanimously agree that it is preferable to continue on your current conditions until a better proposal is made.

What can you do?

  • Make sure that your current contact details are up to date with the ASU. Contact your ASU Organiser.
  • If you are not an ASU member – now is the time to join - you can do this on line at:

If you want more information contact your local ASU delegate or Organiser. (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Emirates Bulletin, 11 April 2017

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400