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Singapore Airlines Collective Agreement 2017 ballot has been counted

18 May 2017 By ASU

The voting process for the Singapore Airlines Collective Agreement 2017 has concluded.

What was the result?

There were a total of 246 ballots received.

  • 207 in favour of the agreement, and
  • 39 against the agreement.

As a majority of employees voted in favour of the Agreement it must now be sent to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

What happens next?

Singapore Airlines have 14 days to file the Agreement and the supporting paper work with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

The Fair Work Commission will then compare the Singapore Airlines Collective Agreement 2017 against the Airlines Operations Ground Staff Award to make sure each employee is better off overall, and once the Fair Work Commission is satisfied this is the case the Agreement will begin operating seven days later.

What’s new in the Agreement?

  • Wage increases of 2.3% per year for three years; increases to the allowances; plus an additional 1% to staff at ‘top of the band’, paid each year of the 3 year agreement.
  • Removal of a clause in the current Agreement which means that if you work less than five afternoons or nights in a row, you are paid time and a half.
  • A new clause has been introduced which gives an increase to shift the afternoon shift penalty from 15% to 17% and evening shift penalty from 22.5% to 25%.
  • Continuation of most existing terms and conditions contained with the current EBA.

When will you get your pay rise?

Singapore Airlines have committed to pay your wage increases in the current week’s pay run, from the 17 May 2017. Singapore Airlines will back-pay the April 2017 wage increases in the second pay run in May, from Wednesday, 31 May 2017.

Do you have any questions about the Agreement?

You have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Singapore Airlines Bulletin, 18 May 2017

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400