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Bargaining committee brings Emirates back to the table

24 August 2017 By ASU

Following the successful ‘No!’ vote in June, the bargaining committee brought Emirates back to the table and provided your feedback on their current Proposal.

When the ballot was returned on 26th June 2017, Emirates' current Proposal had been rejected by staff. Emirates agreed to come back to the table to hear the views you have shared with us about why their current Proposal was unacceptable.

At a teleconference on 2 August, the parties discussed the proposed redundancy package, remuneration offer, the freezing of pay and salary bands, the proposed grandfathering of Annual Leave loading and Australia-wide Long Service Leave scheme, as well as the implementation of a proposed Family and Domestic Violence Leave provision.

In good faith, the Bargaining Committee also proposed a series of improvements to their current Proposal. If Emirates is serious about showing staff the respect they deserve, they must give your concerns that we have raised with them the time and consideration they deserve.

The current proposal

The bargaining committee raised your concerns about their current Proposal including:

  1. The inadequate redundancy entitlements.
  2. The remuneration offer does not compensate staff for what they are being asked to give up and should also include compensation for withholding the variable Merit Pot increases due last March under your ongoing “Performance Matters!” policy.
  3. Staff who have reached the top of their salary band should not be penalised for their experience and loyalty with a permanent pay freeze to the Salary Bands.
  4.  It is unfair to backdate the removal of Annual Leave Loading and the Australia-wide Long Service Leave scheme conditions that Emirates have proposed to grandfather for new staff.

The bargaining committee also spent time carefully discussing alternate proposals to improve Emirates’ current Proposal, as follows:

  1. Increase the redundancy payment for notice to 52 weeks and improve consultation provisions before a decision about offering redundancies has been made.
  2. Compensate staff who agree to give up their variable Merit Pot payment, as well as accept the pay freeze for 2017, by increasing the fixed rate increases to 2.5% for 1st January 2018 and 2019.
  3. Remove the penalty to staff who have reached the top of their Salary Band by applying a fixed rate increase to annual rates.
  4. Apply the grandfathering of from the date of registration of a replacement Agreement.

Whats next?

We think the proposals your Bargaining Committee jointly put to Emirates are fair, as well as reasonable and should be given the respect they deserve. It would be shameful behaviour to ignore all valid issues when deciding whether to improve their current offer.

The Bargaining Committee meets for the 13th time on Wednesday, 31 August 2017. At the meeting Emirates must explain how they intend to respond to your feedback that includes improving their current Proposal.

We ask that all staff support their Bargaining Representatives on the Committee by showing them you were serious about your feedback on Emirates’ current Proposal. Tell your Bargaining Representatives you continue to support the proposed improvements.

Stay informed

  • An improved offer from Emirates would show staff complaints about their current proposal have been taken seriously.
  • Make sure that your current contact details are up to date with the ASU. Contact your ASU Organiser.
  • If you are not an ASU member – now is the time to join – you can do this on line at:

You have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Emirates Bulletin, 24 August 2017

Contact Details
Name: Robert Potter, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400