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Emirates rejects staff concerns

15 September 2017 By ASU

Your Redundancy package.

The Bargaining Committee met with Emirates last Monday, 11 September 2017. Your Bargaining Committee have always said that the Redundancy package should include an increase to the redundancy scale.

Emirates’ current offer caps Redundancy payments at forty-four weeks.

In a comparison with other relevant airline carriers Qantas, Cathay and Singapore airlines, the ASU has members entitled to much higher redundancy caps as the table below shows. An employee whose employment is terminated due to redundancy at the following airlines will currently receive a redundancy payment according to the following scale:


(Min 1 year service)

Emirates offer Qantas EBA 11 Cathay Singapore
1 4 3 4 4
2 7 6 7 6
3 10 9 10 9
4 13 12 13 12
5 16 15 16 15
6 20 19 20 19
7 24 23 24 23
8 28 27 28 27
9 32 31 32 31
10 36 35 36 35
11 40 39 40 39
12 44 43 44 43
13 44 47 48 47
14 44 51 52 51
Max 44 95 92 85


 Emirates has said that the discrepancy is okay for you because your pay scales are in excess of what could be earned at Cathay and Singapore airlines.

The ASU was curious about this claim and requested that Emirates’ show us their comparison of your job classifications against the types of jobs that people do for other companies. This is because their claim about pay scales would only be relevant to you if you would be paid less for the same work somewhere else.

We do not believe Emirates has made any genuine comparisons between jobs at other airlines.

Emirates’ arguments are a distraction from the real issue – their redundancy package falls well short in comparison with other airlines.

Adelaide ticketing office closes

The Bargaining Committee has consistently presented the Redundancy entitlements as one of the most important issues for an improved package, before staff vote on a Proposed Agreement again.

Last week, Bargaining reps met with Emirates to discuss a number of issues including recent events in Adelaide and the closure of the Adelaide ticketing office. The committee told Emirates that you believe the redundancy provisions are now more important than ever. An improved Redundancy Package from Emirates would show that Emirates values staff e
xperience and their years of loyalty to the company.

Alternatively, we said that the Consultation provisions protecting staff during times of major workplace change could be improved. We asked that when Emirates finds alternative employment instead of offering redundancy, you will be able to agree to the position before a decision is made.

When Emirates came back to the table earlier this week they rejected staff concerns and said they believe your Redundancy entitlements are good enough for you.

Stay informed

We ask that all staff support their Bargaining Representatives on the Committee by showing them you were serious about your feedback on Emirates’ current offer. Tell your Bargaining Representatives you continue to support improvements to the Redundancy package.

In the event that Emirates put their offer out to vote again soon, be ready:

  • Make sure that your current contact details are up to date with the ASU. Contact your ASU Organiser.
  • If you are not an ASU member – now is the time to join – you can do this on line at:

You have any questions about any of the above, contact your local organiser (download the full bulletin below for details)

icon Emirates Bulletin, 15 September 2017

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400