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ASU opposes approval of the Emirates EBA

30 October 2017 By ASU

The ASU have notified the Fair Work Commission that we believe the Emirates Enterprise Agreement 2017, cannot be approved.

Many members have raised their concerns with the ASU about the recent voting outcome in light of changes to Emirates’ Trans-Tasman operations. We’ve taken care to scrutinise the whole voting process so that you can get a fair deal.

When an employer asks the Fair Work Commission to approve your agreement, they have to be satisfied that you have been in a position to make an informed and valid decision when you cast your vote. The ASU has told the Commission the following facts as we see them:

  • Emirates did not apply sufficient care and take all the pre-approval steps before asking you to approve the agreement. The Fair Work Commission cannot be flexible about how the steps are taken. Emirates should know they need to be precise about following the laws that protect the agreement once it is made.
  • The ASU believes that Emirates chose not to disclose their decision to reduce flights to New Zealand until after you voted. The decision will have an impact on your work in Australia and could have changed enough votes to reject the agreement.
  • The ASU believes that Emirates mislead you about the terms of the agreement. The copious emailing and communication from Head Office was inconsistent and the Company’s materials said some things in your agreement were unchanged when they had been substantially changed. Our greatest concern is that they told you the new annual shutdown provisions would mean you would be allowed time off when they have actually ensured they can tell you when you can use your leave at Christmas. Some staff won’t have that choice.
  • The ASU believes that the staff that joined Emirates in 2017 under the old agreement should be able to retain their Annual Leave Loading payments and potentially more beneficial Long Service Leave accruals.

What’s next?

Throughout bargaining, the unions and bargaining representatives fought to ensure Emirates acted in good faith. The matter is now in the hands of the Fair Work Commission and we will keep you posted. If you want to check out our previous bulletins on the negotiations go to www.asu.asn

More information?

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