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ASU proposes Singapore Airlines to delay bargaining until June 2020, management claims a pay freeze in 2020

03 April 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

On 2 April 2020, your ASU bargaining representatives met with Singapore Airlines management to bargain for a new enterprise agreement.

Management explained its proposed log of claims. They are now seeking:

  • A pay freeze in 2020;
  • 2.8% pay increase in 2021, and a 2.3% pay increase in 2022;
  • Management have withdrawn their claim for forced unpaid leave for employees exposed to coronavirus;
  • They maintain all other proposed changes to the EBA.

The ASU told management that it would be unwise to bargain while there is so much uncertainty about the future of the airlines industry. We shouldn’t lock into EBA negotiations when there’s so much we do not know.

For example, the Federal Government has announced a $1500 per fortnight JobKeeper payment to companies affected by the coronavirus. Under the JobKeeper Payment, businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak will be able to access a subsidy from the Federal Government to continue paying their employees. This assistance will help businesses to keep people in their jobs and re-start when the crisis is over. We believe that Singapore Airlines could be eligible for this payment, but we don’t know all the detail. We should wait until we know more.

Management is considering our proposal to delay bargaining, and will come back to us at the next bargaining meeting on 16 April 2020.

The ASU will keep working with management to protect jobs, pay and conditions at Singapore Airlines. We want to make sure that Singapore Airlines can bounce back once the crisis is over and international flying starts again.

We need you to make that happen! You can join the ASU at:

If you want to know more, contact your local ASU organiser to arrange a workplace meeting: (download full bulletin here) icon Singapore Airlines Bulletin - 3 April 2020

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