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Update for ASU members at Emirates

19 June 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

You will have received an email from Mr Aelred Rodrigues, Human Resources Manager - Australia & New Zealand about continuing to restrict Emirates services for the foreseeable future.

The ASU and ALAEA sought a meeting with Emirates to discuss Emirates' proposals for extending the current Stand Down for Emirates employees, as well as proposed amendments to your part salary arrangements made in March 2020.

Emirates proposal for Stand Down for the period 1 July to 30 September 2020

Emirates is seeking employee feedback on a revised proposal for payment of partial remuneration, as follows:

  • Staff in all grades covered by the EEA will be paid 50% basic salary. This will be known as the "Voluntary Salary Payment".
  • All fixed allowances will be paid in full.
  • Superannuation contribution will continue at the standard Superannuation Guarantee contribution rate.
  • Company contribution to BUPA subsidy will continue.
  • Staff may be stood up for useful work up to 82 hours per month and each work area should come to those arrangements with its own employee group.
  • For the extended period of Stand Down, staff will also continue to accrue leave and access accrued leave balances in full days or longer blocks - no part-day leave applications can be approved at this time.

Managers and supervisors should organise resourcing of available work with their own employee groups. Emirates advised the ASU that where there are stand ups, staff should not be expected to work or attend the workplace for short periods of time.

ASU recommends accepting Emirates offer

Whilst the proposal is a reduction to your current salary arrangements, Emirates is not eligible for the JobKeeper wage subsidy - without this offer from Emirates, staff may be stood down without pay for some time.

The ASU recommends accepting Emirates offer by replying to Aelred's email before midday AEST on Thursday, 25 June 2020.

Our plan to protect your job in the COVID-19 recovery

Last night hundreds of ASU members who work in aviation around Australia met online and unanimously voted to campaign for AviationKeeper - an industry wide Government funding package to support the Australian aviation industry get through the COVID-19 recovery. Can you sign the petition calling on the Government to bring in AviationKeeper now?

ASU members want the Government to bring in an extension of the current JobKeeper package so that it covers everyone in aviation who needs it and goes for as long as we need it to.

Currently thousands of ASU members are stood down from work but not receiving JobKeeper because of unfair legal loopholes. And JobKeeper is currently due to end in just 100 days - even though it is clear that it will take airlines longer to bounce back than other parts of the economy, and it is unlikely that people will resume interstate and international travel at the pre-COVID-19 rates for some time.

The Government is planning its next steps for the economic recovery right now, and we need to take urgent action to ensure that they back Australian aviation workers. Please take a moment to sign the petition calling on the Government to bring in AviationKeeper now!

COVID-19 may make us be physically distant, but that won't stop us standing up together to demand our Government support Australian aviation workers. Click here to sign the petition to protect Australian aviation jobs in the COVID-19 recover.

Ask your friends and colleagues to sign the petition here:

For more information speak to your organiser. Download the full bulletin here iconEmirates Bulletin update - 19 June 2020

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