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Commonwealth MOP(S) Act staff agreement negotiations begin

25 February 2016 By ASU

Bargaining meetings begin Friday and the ASU survey has been extended.

The initial bargaining meeting

M&PS have confirmed initial bargaining meeting will take place this Friday, 26 February 2016. ASU National Industrial Officer Joanne Knight will attend with both ASU Delegates: Lori Faraone (office of Andrew Giles MP - Scullin, Victoria) and Jessica Malcolm (office of Sharon Bird MP - Cunningham, NSW).

Your bargaining representative

Under the Fair Work Act Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) is required to provide all employees who are to be covered by a proposed EBA with a letter outlining your rights. Negotiators of EBAs are called "bargaining representatives" under the new Fair Work Act.

Negotiators of EBAs are called "bargaining representatives" under the new Fair Work Act.

Members of the ASU do not have to do anything about the appointment of a bargaining representative - the ASU is automatically your bargaining representative and the ASU National Negotiating Team made up of ASU delegates and officials will conduct the negotiations for ASU members.

The Bargaining Policy

The Australian Government Public Sector Workplace Bargaining Policy will apply to the negotiations with the Department of Finance. Some changes were released in October 2015 but cuts to rights and conditions are still policy.

Help us prepare the ASU claim

The ASU Survey has been extended and will close Monday 7 March. If you have not already done so, please respond here:

This survey will be used to prepare an ASU Claim for negotiations.

  • Personal information will never be shared and responses will always remain confidential.
  • Any further nominations for the ASU bargaining team should be advised as soon as possible. Contact your branch representatives.

More information

For more information, please get in touch with the relevant contact (download the newsletter below for full details).

If you're not a member of the ASU, you can join online now at our secure form:


icon Commonwealth MOP(S) Act staff newsletter, 25 February 2016

Contact Details
Name: Joanne Knight
Telephone: 03 9342 1450