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Back to the table at Eastern

14 September 2012 By ASU, the airlines industry union

ASU reps have gone back to the bargaining table with Qantaslink/Eastern management after the first EBA proposal was not supported by staff. Your National Negotiating Team (NNT) met with management on 5th and 13th September 2012 to discuss a revised agreement.

Management has advised that it is their intention to increase salaries by 6% from September 2012; this is no doubt because there have been increases in the Award rates and wage rates cannot fall below the Award level so the company has to do something on wages in the interim.

What have we discussed?

Your NNT have told the company reps that you want improvements on a number of issues including:

  • Redundancy
  • Parental/Maternity Leave
  • Staff Travel
  • Conversion of casual to permanent
  • Permanent training officer - Sydney
  • Uniforms in load control

We have tabled detailed claims - you can get these from your NNT members.

Classification - a key claim

We have also said to the company that we want to finalise the promised classification review now, not during the life of the agreement as detailed in clause 53 of the previous EBA.

We tabled a new 8 level wage structure based on the Group 1 and Group 2 rates. The 8 level structure is for Group 1 only The proposal was formulated after discussions with members and delegates about the work performed. We intend to also table a detailed set of classification descriptors once the rates for jobs are agreed.

The company reps said their understanding of what the classification review meant was not that staff would be reclassified or their jobs and rates of pay would be reviewed. We disagree with their interpretation particularly when you read clause 53. Your NNT believed the review was about a new structure which may well lead to reclassification and changed pay rates. The company's initial attitude does not accord with what we thought was agreed.

If you want a copy of the classifications proposal contact your local NNT member or ASU organiser.

What next?

Another meeting is planned for 19th September 2012. We expect to get a formal response from the company to our proposals, which may or may not be positive.

If the company refuses to change their offer it is possible that they will just put the previous EBA out to vote again - or they may just refuse to bargain any more.

Your NNT will assess the situation after the next meeting and suggest what our next options are.

Time to be in the union

Now more than ever it is time to be in the union. You can join on line at

More information

For more information contact your delegate or local ASU organiser.

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Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400