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Qantas tables “cuts” agenda

24 April 2013 By ASU


The third Qantas EBA 10 meeting took place on 23rd April 2013 and for the first time we received an indication of what Qantas wants from EBA 10 and we also received preliminary responses to some of our claims.

More casuals and temps front & centre

Qantas main claims are targeted at undermining our job security and will mean – more temporaries and casuals which means less job security.

Qantas claims tabled so far include:

  • Providing the ability to engage fixed term temporaries and casuals more easily (currently they need our agreement)
  • Automatic payout of all unused days in lieu once per year without your agreement
  • Automatic payout of all but two unused 20th days once per year without your agreement
  • Removal of the Perth International Airport nil 12 hour rule
  • Change to the evidence required for sick leave – restricting certificate to a "qualified medical practitioner" and only allowing a statutory declaration when a medical certificate is not practical
  • Removing access to Days in Lieu for part timers with a fixed part time agreement

Qantas still has more claims to put forward which they indicated will include the on call allowance and how part time operates. This should happen at the next meeting.

Qantas proposing new airport roster scheme

Qantas has also proposed a discussion about a "new airport rostering scheme" and so the members of the National Negotiating Team from airports agreed to meet about what the company is seeking on 1st May 2013.There were few details about this proposal so we will report back after we have had this meeting.

Company responses to our claims

The company outlined their preliminary responses to our claims – some they say they will never agree to and reject, some they are considering or working on counter proposals and others they are not prepared to commit to either way yet (like the remuneration package and the continuation of job security assurances around contractors like QGS).

A brief summary of the company position is on the back of the bulletin.

What's our response?

We have told management that we will not respond to their claims until we have all of them and we have consulted with our members. Qantas' remaining claims will be available at our next meeting on 8th May. The NNT then plan to hold meetings of members for an update on the state of play and to discuss our response. Download PDF bulletin here icon qeba10-bulletin-130424-06.pdf

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400