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Time to consider Qantas’ claims & our response

10 May 2013 By ASU


Our fourth Qantas EBA 10 meeting was held on 8th May 2013 and there is still no Qantas response to our key job security claims or our wage and superannuation claim.

The company has tabled their part time work proposal which we believe will result in the phasing out of permanent full time work and which does not recognise the different reasons that staff are part time.

Qantas describe their claims as "minor" but we don't agree – increasing casuals and fixed term is a big threat to job security.

We will discuss our response in our scheduled members meetings this week.

Airport rostering on agenda

Between our EBA meetings your airport NNT members met with the company representatives to hear about the company proposal for a new rostering system at airports which they want to develop with a working group. We have sought clarification about whether management wants this concluded as part of the EBA or during the life of the EBA 10 – we don't know yet.

The company is talking about introducing bidding for a shift line for a 4 month period, abolition of rotating shifts, shift trading at ordinary time, and the continuation of last minute company shift changes and shift extensions.

We know rostering is an important issue we also know that no one wants to lose significant income because of a rostering system.

We have told the company we will be discussing our principles for approaching rostering in our members meetings. We are happy to work on rostering but we believe this will take significant time and no one wants the conclusion of our EBA negotiations delayed while the company's significant and undetailed proposals are fleshed out and discussed, assessed and negotiated. We think that if this work is done, it should be during the life of the EBA 10.

Come to our members meetings for more details and discussion.

Time to formulate our response to Qantas Claims

ASU members meetings are being held to discuss the current state of bargaining and also to formulate our response to the Qantas claims. Make sure you get to a meeting to receive an update.

Next meetings

The next EBA meetings are scheduled for 22nd May, 6th June and 18th & 19th June.

Need information?

For more information contact your local organiser. Download PDF bulletin here icon qeba10-bulletin-130510-07.pdf

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400