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Some progress but still a way to go at Qantas

02 July 2013 By ASU


The ASU National Negotiating Team met with Qantas on two occasions since our last bulletin, on 22nd May and then on 18 – 19th June 2013.

We have made progress on some of our claims but the Qantas response on our key job security claims and the wage and superannuation issues remains outstanding.

Following feedback from our recent round of member's meetings your National Negotiating Team (NNT) has also provided your response to the Qantas claims.

The Qantas response so far

Qantas has indicated that they reject a range of our claims including:

  • improved redundancy pay,
  • the filling of vacant lines/roles,
  • improved access to annual leave,
  • guaranteed right to request part time,
  • family violence leave,
  • increased bereavement leave,
  • the ability for SPs to buy back RDOs',
  • unaccompanied minors allowance and indemnity,
  • classification claims,
  • the continuation of 12 hour break at Perth Airport.

Qantas has made acceptable offers on some of our claims so far:

  • Contracting out protocol
  • EBA interpretation letter
  • Access to long service leave in shorter blocks (i.e. 7 and 8 days minimum)
  • 50/52 – the ability to buy additional annual leave will continue for day workers and be extended to shift workers from July 2014
  • Transition to retirement provision will be included in EBA 10 (we are sorting out wording)
  • Staff travel – reintroduction of joint union staff travel committee to negotiate on staff travel issues
  • Payroll committee to continue

We are still discussing a number of our claims which we are hopeful will result in a satisfactory outcome these include:

  • Fixing ambiguities – in particular issues in relation to red circled higher duties
  • Continuation of Telephone Sales Workload Committee
  • Review of SP's pay rates
  • Paid parental leave and government scheme relationship

Key claims still outstanding

As yet Qantas has failed to respond to our key job security claims and has not put any offer in relation to our wage claim or our superannuation claim.

In relation to superannuation Qantas is also saying that the government increases to Super that occur during the life of EBA 10 should be absorbed into the existing company contribution rates and will not be paid on top of the existing 10% minimum rate payable.

Over the next 3 years under the Labor government's plan, Super increases by 1% which Qantas is saying should be absorbed. This diminishes gains we made in the past and is not satisfactory.

What about Qantas' claims?

Your NNT have told the company that members do not want to change the fixed term or casual clauses. We suggested to Qantas management that no change be made to the DILs clause (this means withdrawing our claim and the company withdrawing theirs).

We are still discussing the company proposals about the payment of DILs to part time and clarifying what they are seeking. We are also discussing how 20th day payouts might work – our preference is always that members get to take 20th days not have them all automatically cashed out.

On the part time clause, members have told us the Qantas proposal goes too far and any changes must benefit staff not disadvantage them.

What's next?

We had hoped to have a meeting with Qantas on 4th July but this has now been cancelled by Qantas and 17th July is looking like the next meeting date.

We expect to have meetings of members to discuss where we are at too – so watch out for details in your workplace.

Need information?

For more information contact your local organiser [details in full bulletin for download below].


icon Qantas EBA10 Bulletin #8 - 2 July 2013

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