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The facts don’t matter at QantasLink

11 March 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


QantasLink employees under the Sunstate, Eastern Group 1 and Eastern Group 2 Agreements will be offered the opportunity to Express an Interest (EOI) for voluntary redundancy.

But ...and here's where that facts don't matter... employees who were told last week that they were in scope for receiving EOI's are not really going to get them and the people who were told they were safe from any job cuts are not necessarily safe.

So here is what we believe to be the facts:

  1. Qantas job cuts announced by Alan Joyce will have some impact on QantasLink employees.
  2. Management spoke to different areas of workers last Thursday 6th March 2014 and advised employees verbally who would be affected by the job cuts and that the ASU had been consulted.
  3. When the ASU found out about these announcements contact was made with senior management and due to their response or lack thereof we lodged a dispute notice with Fair Work Australia.
  4. Qantas senior IR managers and QantasLink HR met with the ASU including our Eastern and Sunstate Delegates, today Tuesday 11th March 2014 in Sydney.
  5. During this 'briefing' Qantas IR management actually said ""I don't give a toss about the facts".
  6. We think that facts are important and they are:
    1. The ASU was never consulted about any redundancies across the QantasLink network prior to today's meeting.
    2. Employees advised in Brisbane on 6 March 2014 that they will be offered EOI's – are not going to be offered EOI's.
    3. Employees in Tamworth and Sydney who were advised that they were operational and they won't be touched are not necessarily in the clear.
    4. Employees who are to receive offers to EOI will be receiving these offers later today.
    5. Asking for your redundancy payout estimate is not binding.
    6. Signing the EOI for redundancy will be binding – you will not get the opportunity to withdraw.
    7. QantasLink have no idea what they want the business to look like. They have no idea of the number of employees they require in any particular affected area.

What is clear is that like never before have QantasLink members needed to band together. Today your delegates, Cath Sumpter, Karen Kolisnyk and Chris Buffet from Eastern and Monique Walton from Sunstate represented the truth to Qantas and provided them with the facts of what has really occurred to date.

Regardless of whether you are in Group 1 or Group 2 Eastern, or under the Sunsate Agreements there will be impacts on jobs.

Contact your ASU Delegates for more information or your local Union office [download the full bulletin below for details].


icon Qantas Group Bulletin, QantasLink, 11 March 2014

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