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Qantas Roster Optimisation and Redundancies on the way at Airports

21 August 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


ASU delegates and officials met with Qantas airport management in Sydney on 19th August 2014 for a discussion about the Company's roster optimisation work and decisions in relation to the acceptance of the Expressions of Interest (EOIs) in redundancy from customer service staff at airports.

As we know, way back in February 2014 Qantas started an EOI process at airports and they have been postponing the dates for the announcement of what they are doing ever since.

What do we know?

It seems that Qantas management is inching closer to a final decision on the EOIs and the new structure and rosters in time for the change of season flying at the end October 2014.

There are proposals for each airport about how many EOIs will be accepted and there is more detail to work through in particular on the timing, who can and cannot be accepted by the Company and how those accepted will be chosen if not all the people at that level can go, how job swaps might operate to allow those with a compulsory redundant position to stay by moving to an airport job and most importantly, how the rosters will operate for those who remain once the EOIs are completed.

The Company has come to a range of decisions and contrary to some misinformation (and that is a kind interpretation) the ASU delegates and officials have NOT said staff at certain levels cannot have their EOI accepted, we just want to make sure a fair process is put in place for all concerned, both those with an EOI and those who will continue working at Qantas (i.e. the majority).

The Company is indicating that at least in the major ports many EOIs will be accepted - it is a different story in regional and smaller ports, but a job swaps process may assist in saving the jobs, of those many Qantas ASU members who have lost their jobs and allow some people to leave whose jobs are not redundant. The detail on this complex process is being worked through.

What's next?

ASU delegates and officials are meeting locally with airport management to understand the local details. Rostering committees will also be working flat out to help construct the new rosters for the new season. In some locations ASU members' meetings will also be held as will Company meetings.

We expect more confirmed information over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

Unaccompanied minors saga continues

On 11th August 2014 some ASU Airport delegates and officials again met with Qantas management about the Qantas unaccompanied minors (UMs) policy as it operates at airports. For 2 ½ years we have been discussing the failings of the current policies for dealing with UMs at airports and the strain and liability issues the poor policy and its enactment has put on many customer service staff.

Recently as you are no doubt aware, Qantas launched a "new" training package online for how to work with UMs without any discussion with the ASU, though pleasingly the policy revamp and training seemed to take on board many of the issues we have been raising for such a long time.

Abruptly though Qantas ceased the training a couple of weeks before our meeting as it now seems that the Company is "reviewing" the UMs policy AGAIN!!!

The Company appears to be trying now to decide whether UMs will be able to transit on Qantas flights or just travel point to point.

No one knows what the answer will be – we are just being told that an answer will be forthcoming in 2 months' time when we will have another discussion. Given how long this has taken so far, don't hold your breathe on that time frame being adhered to – we will keep you posted.

Need more information?

For further information please contact your local ASU Delegate or ASU Organiser in your state (download the full bulletin below for details).


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