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It’s time for Alan Joyce and the Qantas Board to go

28 August 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


ASU MEDIA RELEASE: The unprecedented Qantas statutory loss of $2.8 billion announced today means one thing – it is time for Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and the Qantas Board to resign or be sacked by Qantas shareholders says the Australian Services Union (ASU), the largest union in Qantas and the airline industry in Australia.

"Today's loss is the result of poor management and lack of Board direction which has taken Qantas from being one of the world's most profitable airlines to being one of the least in just a few short years," said Linda White ASU Assistant National Secretary.

"CEO Joyce and the Board continue to blame everyone else but themselves for this poor performance and it is time they shoulder the responsibility and resign – if they won't do this then it is time for shareholders to tell them they are no longer required," said Linda White.

"Thousands of long serving loyal Qantas staff have lost their jobs and there appears to be no plan for recovery, so there is a real risk that more Australian jobs will be lost and our Australian aviation industry will be damaged irreparably," said Linda White.

"A strategy which is about offshoring jobs, decreasing customer service and jeopardizing safety and blaming everyone other than themselves has not gone well so far and it is time for a fresh approach that a new CEO and Board can bring to Qantas. Qantas means too much to the Australian travelling public for the current poor management to continue," she said.

Over the past 12 months the ASU has seen almost 2000 of our members lose their jobs through no fault of their own, all they did was work hard, do their job and their reward has been losing the jobs they love.

"It is time for Alan Joyce and the Board to do the decent thing to save Qantas – resign – so that Qantas and the remaining staff have a fighting chance of saving this great airline," said Linda White.

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Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary on 0419 507 809



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