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Further update on the Qantas Telesales EOIs and assistance

16 September 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


ASU delegates and officials met with Qantas management for another update on Friday 12 September 2014 in Melbourne. We discussed a range of issues including the update on the EOI numbers, Hobart recruitment, training, career transition support, the redeployment process, and Melbourne–Brisbane transfers.

The company is putting in place a range of career transition programs including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes which will involve local providers in Brisbane and Melbourne. This is a welcome development although at the moment the company is suggesting it will only pay for an RPL for one certificate, staff would have to pay for additional certificates themselves. We have asked them to put no limits on the certificates they will pay for. The company recognizes that the skills and knowledge that have been obtained by staff during their work at Qantas would qualify many staff for more than one certificate of their prior learning to utilize in getting jobs with other employers – we hope the company will reconsider the proposal to fund only one certificate.

The company is also funding the services of a new outplacement service that will begin work now on assisting staff not just close to the closure of the centres – this is an important resource which everyone is encouraged to take up.

On redeployment – shortly management will be issuing a further EOI to ascertain exactly which staff might be interested in redeployment interstate in particular to the Brisbane call centre from Melbourne but also to other locations for jobs outside Telephone sales. Jobs in other areas may become available because of job swaps or new positions and so if they do the company wants to be certain of staff preferences so you can be both made aware of the positions and prioritized.

Importantly the company is also saying that transfer to Hobart telesales will also remain open throughout the process so that if you initially did not want to go to Hobart but change your mind this option will still be available.

The company is still saying that early release of a staff cannot be until February 2015 in Melbourne and even then this will not be anywhere near all staff.

Our meeting with Qantas was more productive than some of those we have had in the recent past – there now does seem to be "a plan" to assist staff – we just have to hold Qantas to delivering it and if it does not work we must make sure we get problems fixed as soon as we know about them.

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For further information please contact your local ASU Delegate or ASU organiser in your state (download the full bulletin below for details).


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