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Australians tell Alan Joyce & Qantas Board to keep their promise – don’t offshore more Australian jobs!

09 October 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union

In a petition released today, Australians are giving voice to their frustration with the national carrier which recently announced it was reneging on its promise made in May this year to not offshore more call centre jobs. The petition calls on Joyce and the Board to immediately reverse this decision and abide by their promise to maintain jobs in Australia and the excellent service our onshore staff delivers.

>> Tell Alan Joyce & the Qantas Board – keep your promise, no more offshoring!

In May, Qantas announced a massive restructure of the Company that would see dramatic cuts across the airline. However, Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce did promise that no additional call centre jobs would be offshored, that instead the Tasmanian contact centre would take the jobs that would be moved after the closure of the Brisbane and Melbourne centres.

However, in their recent shocking announcement, Qantas management is breaking this promise and offshoring more call centre jobs to New Zealand!

Not only did Qantas promise these jobs to its Tasmanian contact centre, the Tasmanian Government stumped up a $10.9m subsidy to Qantas to stay in Hobart and put the jobs there. Qantas would also need to spend additional money in Auckland to buy extra space for the new staff, when the Hobart centre already has that space.

Qantas must not renege on its promise to maintain its Australian workforce and maintain the excellent service provided by Qantas workers. Massive cuts in the Company are already having an effect on the level of service customers expect and this decision to offshore more jobs will only increase the level of frustration felt by Qantas customers.

Qantas, you made a promise, Tassie is giving you cash, Hobart has the space and plenty of prospective workers are already lined up: it's time you acted like our national carrier and stop offshoring Australian front line customer service jobs!

Alan Joyce and the Qantas Board must listen to the Australian people, especially with the AGM coming up in late October, so please sign the petition and share it with your networks:

>> Tell Alan Joyce & the Qantas Board – keep your promise, no more offshoring!

141009-qantas-offshoring-our-jobsBy signing and giving voice to the outrage of Qantas passengers, staff and Australians in general who are appalled by the mismanagement of our national carrier, you will make it clear to Joyce and the Board that if they have any hope of regaining the confidence of the Australian community, they need to do a whole lot better than sending Australian jobs overseas, especially those jobs Qantas promised would remain in Australia just a few months ago.

This new plan to offshore the call centre jobs is an ill-conceived, half-baked plan that is still being formulated. At a time when other companies are bringing call centre work back to Australia – Qantas is doing the opposite, this does not bode well for Qantas passengers.

You can find more details about this latest example of Qantas mismanagement here: Are Qantas making up the Telephone Sales strategy as they go along?



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