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It’s already “NO” to some of our claims @ Qantas

31 March 2016 By ASU

Our third EBA meeting with Qantas on 30th March 2016 gave your National Negotiating Team (NNT) the opportunity to provide the company with more of our detailed claims.

  • asu qf eba11 logo button reverse800pxwWe talked about:
  • Better duty travel and training provisions
  • Improving staff travel
  • Reclassifications
  • Better rostering and the need for more staff

We still have to talk about jobshare, working from home and our Senior Professional claims which we plan to do at our next meeting.

Qantas management again talked about their wage policies.

Disappointingly the company is also rejecting our claim for increased superannuation. We have discussed at length how we believe lots of our members will not have enough superannuation to live on in retirement if the rate of super contribution remains at 10% for those in accumulation divisions.

Qantas could care less it seems.

Why are we waiting for family violence leave?

The ASU first made a claim for family violence leave in EBA 10 in 2013. We were promised as part of our EBA 10 settlement in November 2013 that a policy would be developed forthwith.

Despite CEO Alan Joyce being a “male champion of change” almost 3 years later, there is no sign of the promised policy. Over 860 agreements; more than 2 million workers now have family violence leave across Australia. At our meeting, the company AGAIN has said they were still working on their policy.

Your NNT’s message back to CEO Joyce is that there is more to calling yourself a male champion of change than a photo opportunity. You have to do something!

Telling us family violence leave is being considered in policy is not good enough. We want it in our EBA and we want it NOW! It is time to stop stalling on this critical claim.

Qantas claims due next meeting

Management tells us that they should be ready to table their claims (other than the wage freeze) at our next meeting which is scheduled for 14th April. Guess we will see if they do.

Need more information?

Contact your local ASU organiser for more information (download the full bulletin below for details).icon Qantas EBA 11 bulletin#5 31 March 2015

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400