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No progress yet on EBA 11 at Qantas

06 June 2016 By ASU, the airlines industry union

We’ve had 2 meetings with Qantas since our last bulletin – on 26th May and 1st June (these were our 7th and 8th meetings with the company).

asu qf eba11 logo button reverse800pxwThings are moving at a glacial pace – probably expected when you consider that Qantas is all about a wage freeze.

Qantas has not accepted any of our claims and seems unwilling at the moment to negotiate on anything. Here is a snapshot of our discussion on a few issues:

Job security & QGS

We know that job security is one of our key claims and despite trying to get a commitment from the company about our key job security claims around QGS etc. Qantas will not say whether there is any intention to continue our current QGS agreements beyond 30th September.

Worryingly too, we have proposed a change to the classification structure to confirm the fact that at airports we are doing the rear stair boarding work but Qantas says they refuse to change our classification structure.

They don’t have any explanation for why – just that they won’t.

SPG’s – fixing the system

We have had 2 discussions on the SPG wage structure and have another planned. You have told us that there are problems with the current way in which performance is measured and we are talking in depth with the company about what needs to change.

Family violence Leave

Despite promising in November 2011 that a family violence leave policy would be implemented across Qantas – nothing has happened yet. We now believe the policy may be coming soon. Our claim is to have a clause in our EBA that is enforceable anything in policy can be changed at a whim.

That said, a policy is a good start and ASU members who have campaigned for family violence leave can be proud that their work has focussed the company on the need to recognise the support employees need when they are subjected to family violence.

As always the devil will be in the detail of the policy – which we hope comes soon.

Staff Travel

We had the opportunity to discuss our staff travel claims at our last meeting. Our claims include the ability for retirees to change beneficiaries, guaranteed space for long service leave trips, removal of taxes for long service leave trips, ability for ASU covered staff with 20 years’ service to buy first class tickets, a tweaking of the Jetstar waitlist system, access to Qantas club via vouchers, the end of expiry dates on reward tickets from Qantas and better on load categories.

Qantas has been making changes to staff travel over the last 12 months – we asked them again to consider our proposals. Qantas says a new staff travel system is going live in August 2016 – we hope it incorporates some of our suggestions.

What next?

Our next meeting is on 15th June 2016 and we hope to hear from Qantas on our proposition that we need to discuss how part time work operates so it is fairer.

We understand the company has some claims they want to table – so watch this space. (download the full bulletin below for details).

Need more information?

Contact your local ASU Organiser for more information (download the full bulletin below for details). 

 icon Qantas EBA 11 bulletin#8 6 June 2016

Contact Details
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