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Time to talk about EBA 11 negotiations at Qantas

25 July 2016 By ASU, the airlines industry union

Since our last bulletin we have had 3 more meetings with the company – bringing our total meeting number to 11. Our last meeting was on 21st July 2016 in Sydney.

asu qf eba11 logo button reverse800pxwWe have had some productive discussions about the issue of part time capping, Jobshare, and flexible work agreements – we believe we have defined the problems but not yet finalised solutions.

It would be fair to say our discussions have been useful and all sides have a better understanding of the issues for part time employees at the front line. We still need to talk more.

On our other claims there is some progress but as is always the case with Qantas nothing is locked in.

Your national negotiating team believe it is now time for members’ meetings across the country so that all members can take stock of exactly where we are at with our claims ans what we have said to Qantas about their claims.

What next?

Shortly you will receive notification about meetings in your local area. These are important briefings and you are urged to attend so you can give our team your feedback and input about what to do next.

Join the ASU

If you are not an ASU member now is the time to join so you can have a say about the EBA and be represented by our team. You can join on line at

Need more information?

Contact your local ASU Organiser for more information (download the full bulletin below for details).

icon Qantas EBA 11 Bulletin #9 22 July 2016

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400