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Update on Qantas Catering Sale

17 April 2018 By ASU, the airlines industry union

asu airlines bulletin button 1200pxwLast week, Qantas announced the sale of its catering business to DNATA. ASU delegates, members and officials met with Qantas in Sydney on Friday 13th April to find out more about the changes.

What do we know?

DNATA is a ground-handling and catering contractor owned by Emirates. DNATA will buy the Qantas shares in Q Catering and provide catering services to Qantas for the next ten years. The ASU has a number of enterprise agreements with DNATA and Emirates covering ASU classifications in their operations. We have had extended dealings with this company and the parent company Emirates.

How will this affect ASU members?

ASU members working for Q Catering are employed by 2 companies – Q Catering Limited (this is the employer of the majority of staff) and Qantas Airways Limited. What happens to you depends on who your employer is - your employer is named on your group certificate. ASU members employed by both companies are covered by the ASU Qantas Airways Limited EBA 11.

Q Catering employees: Q Catering is being sold to DNATA. You will still be employed by Q Catering, even if name changes down the track. Your enterprise agreement will not change. You will keep your leave balances and other accumulated entitlements.

We need to work hard over the following months to ensure that we have guarantees around travel entitlements and job security.

Qantas Airways employees: 20 Qantas Airways employees will be offered jobs with DNATA to start immediately after the sale. Other Qantas Airways employees may be offered work with DNATA, while others will go through redeployment within Qantas.

For transferring employees, we will work to ensure that your salary and conditions are protected and that your continuity of service and leave balance remains the same.

Staff Travel

Qantas have offered staff transferring to DNATA retiree travel entitlements.

What happens next?

The sale of Q Catering is likely to take 6 months. After the sale is approved, there will be a transitional period where Qantas will provide some functions to DNATA to support the catering business. During this period, Q Catering will be separate from Qantas and integrated into DNATA.

ASU members around the country are working to ensure that every gets a fair deal in the sale. We need your support. Speak to your local ASU organiser to find out what you can do.

Never too late to join the ASU

If you are not a member of the ASU you can join online at

Got any questions?

If you have any questions contact your local ASU delegate or organiser: (download the full bulletin below for details) icon Qantas Bulletin 17 April 2018

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