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30 October 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

We understand that Qantas has altered employee records to delete 20th days accrued since March for employees on stand down.


We understand that the company has explained this to staff as a simple correction of an error in the IT payroll system.

This is simply unacceptable.

Qantas is obliged by law to maintain accurate records of an employee’s pay and leave entitlements. It appears that it has failed to meet this obligation for nearly nine months.

The obligation to keep accurate records is not simply an administrative matter. Qantas’ employees should be able to enjoy the comfort that their employer understands its obligations and has put in place appropriate processes to ensure that those obligations are met.

After this recent debacle, we do not believe our members can be sure that Qantas is doing all that it can to maintain accurate pay records.

We have asked Qantas to explain what it believes was wrong with its payroll system and the steps it has taken to ensure that employee’s RDO entitlements are correct.

Qantas can take the following steps to restore our member’s confidence in their payroll processes:

  • Firstly, Qantas should re-credit any 20th day deleted from an employee’s records. This is simply a matter of good faith from the company. It would be seen by your employees as a sign that Qantas accepts that what it did was wrong, but was willing to take steps to remedy the situation.
  • Secondly, Qantas must provide us with a detailed explanation of the steps it is taking to maintain accurate employee records.
  • Thirdly, Qantas must commit to consulting staff before making any further alterations to employee’s records.

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