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18 December 2020 By ASU

On 17 December 2020, the Full Federal Court decided in favour of Qantas in the JobKeeper case. The Full Federal Court has accepted Qantas’ interpretation of the Fair Work Act, which they say only applies to the amounts you are paid in any Jobkeeper fortnight. This means that Qantas can steal your penalty rates by counting them towards the JobKeeper payment for the fortnight the penalty rates are paid.

Qantas workers regularly sacrifice precious time with their families and miss important events like Christmas, so that Australians can travel to see their loved ones. But Qantas has been forcing people to spend time away from their families and refusing to pay them fairly.

It's outrageous that Qantas is refusing to pay workers any more than the basic JobKeeper, particularly after the year we’ve just had. Qantas should be passing on the FULL JobKeeper payment to all of their workers.

We will keep you updated about our next steps.

Pass this bulletin to your friends and colleagues at Qantas. If they aren’t in the union, ask them to join at

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