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Qantas results show JobKeeper extension & AviationKeeper needed NOW

25 February 2021 By ASU

Today Qantas released their half year revenue figures publically. What this shows is the urgent need for government action across aviation in Australia to Keep Australia Flying.

JobKeeper and a loyal workforce have kept Qantas going through the COVID-19 crisis. But the crisis in aviation is not over.

We need AviationKeeper support and JobKeeper extended NOW so that the workers are there to lead the recovery and get the planes back in the skies.

The Australian Services Union is campaigning relentlessly for AviationKeeper support to be actioned now by the federal government and until we are able to fly at pre-COVID rates. ASU members and the aviation companies in Australia are already anxious about what the end of JobKeeper means in only a few weeks’ time.

We cannot wait any longer; we need government action right now.

Over the past 12 months through lockdowns and stand-downs, aviation workers have been there to get companies like Qantas through the crisis. Companies do not get planes in the air, aviation workers do.

We are demanding the federal government urgently act and extend JobKeeper to ensure aviation businesses support and maintain their workforce, ready for an increase in domestic travel.

We are at a critically important point for the aviation industry where domestic travel has not recovered yet but with the vaccine rollout we can see the recovery on the horizon. We know that staffing levels must be maintained to support the industry’s recovery.

We are campaigning to make this happen and need every worker to use their voice and tell the government to act; can you take action with us and email the Prime Minister Scott Morrison here to support aviation workers?

The COVID crisis is not over. A loyal workforce got the company through the initial phase of the crisis, but we are not yet out of the woods. We know if JobKeeper support is cut in just a few weeks’ time it will hamper the industry’s recovery and leave workers with an uncertain future.

Qantas workers have stuck by the company and they have been able to do that because of JobKeeper.

Now we need the government to have your back and extend JobKeeper NOW so that you are ready to go when people start to travel again, and as the year progresses.

Take action with us now:

As always, the ASU is by your side.

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