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Qantas Group wage freeze proposal an insult to loyal workforce

20 May 2021 By ASU

Qantas Group released a Wages Policy today that announced a two-year wage freeze in all new EBAs. This means that Qantas Group workers will need to wait until 2022 or 2023 to see a pay increase. Even then, Qantas Group says it wants to lock in a miserly 2% pay rise.

Qantas has received more than $1.2 billion in public funding that should be going directly into the pockets of workers, not to shareholders or anyone else.

This pay freeze is an insult to every worker who has stayed loyal to the company and kept Qantas flying throughout very trying times.

Qantas should be supporting and rewarding the people who have stood by the airline and done it tougher than most during this pandemic.

Is this the Spirit of Australia? Qantas, do the right thing by your workers.

Pass this bulletin to your colleagues who aren’t in the union. They can join at

icon Qantas Group wage freeze proposal an insult to loyal workforce

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