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They lied – Qantas now admits they are getting rid of master rosters

18 October 2022 By ASU

Members will no doubt recall that we have been pushing for a return to the master & seasonal rosters since 2020. Qantas has previously said that the only reason they weren’t returning to a master roster was due to ongoing covid related schedule changes. In Tuesday’s bargaining meeting they say there is no plan to go back to the master roster and have individuals ‘bid’ for their roster with no parameters on shift patterns or equal distribution of penalty shifts & weekends. Qantas management themselves said their rostering proposal would be like a “box of chocolates” for workers (you never know what you are going to get!).

It's hard not to think scrapping the master roster has been their plan all along. This will be a bitter pill to swallow for many members who have had little to no roster certainty for two years.

Qantas must urgently fix the current rostering mess, but this is not the answer. We need: rosters at least 4 weeks in advance, return to seasonal rosters ASAP, greater visibility for leave, a guaranteed number of DILs & single days approved, roster committees and transparent rosters re-established.  

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