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Enterprise bargaining underway at Boystown

21 December 2012 By ASU

On 15 & 30 November ASU Reps joined other bargaining reps in the first meetings with management about a replacement agreement.

The ASU bargaining team were: Warren Fridell (National), Jenny Sleba (C&SQ C&A) and delegates Michael Mohr and Terri-Ann Fisher.

Management were represented by HR Manager Cara Benoit, Geoff Walshaw and Michael O'Brien.

The meetings provided time for each Bargaining Rep to go through their log of claims.

The ASU log of claims is in the full bulletin which you can download below.

An important issue to be addressed from the ASU point of view is that of comparing the BiPers classification structure with the SACS Equal Pay outcomes.

The ASU requested more information from Boystown about existing classifications which management have agreed to do – without this it is difficult to negotiate details and ensure that we are working for an improved set of conditions for workers.

The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15 January 2013 following which progress on outcomes will be communicated to all staff.

Why do our underpinning classifications matter?

The ASU Equal Pay decision and order will be applied and calculated against these classifications. This is how we will calculate pay increases for all Social, Community and Disability Workers in Australia.

To be able to negotiate your pay and conditions we need to make sure that you stay above the correct minimum standards; now and into the future.

More information

If you'd like more information or would like to arrange a meeting in your workplace – about the EBA or Equal Pay or any workplace issue please contact your rep (download the full bulletin for details).

icon Download the full Boystown Bulletin 21 Dec 2012

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