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EBA Update: Does Konekt want to chain you to your desk?

12 July 2018 By ASU

asu mission providence bulletin meme800pxwASU members have told management that low pay and high workload make many employees want to leave. Management don’t want to fix these problems. They just want to add to them.

Is Management asking for any changes I should be worried about?

Yes, we think so. Management are asking to increase notice of termination to two weeks for employees with up to 6 months employment and 4 weeks for employees with more than 6 months employment. This means, if you find another job you will need to wait 4 weeks before leaving Konekt. Do you think someone offering you a job would wait that long?

Will Disability Employment Services add to my workload?

Maybe. Management want DES work covered by the Agreement. We think this is a good thing, but we need to ensure that it doesn’t add to the workloads of already overworked staff members. We’re pushing to ensure that the agreement is clear that DES work should be done by DES specialist staff.

It would be unfair to offload this work to non-specialist staff who don’t have the training or the time to complete it.

Importantly, we need an answer about what DES work will look like and who is going to do it. Management should get its act together, and give staff that information.

What next?

The next bargaining meeting will be on Monday, 16 July 2019. Management is threatening that this will be the last meeting – they want to rush through a vote on a substandard agreement.

What can you do?

Ask your colleagues to join the ASU! The ASU is a group of people working together for a better life in the workplace and in our society. The more people we have working together, the more we can achieve.

Speak to your organiser or go to today.(Download the full bulletin here) icon MISSION PROVIDENCE/ KONEKT Bulletin - 12 July 2018

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